Exercise for weight loss – top 10 best exercises to lose weight

Weight loss is not very simple. There are two ways for weight loss. One is a healthy diet ( low calorie and carbs ) and second is the best exercise for weight loss.

You need to burn extra calories, which you eat on a daily basis. And exercises is the best way to burn calories. Many exercises are available for weight loss with some fun.

Many people use the only diet for weight loss but it is not effective until you to do proper exercise for weight loss. Exercises are working to burn extra calories from the body and a healthy diet is working for increasing healthy fat and protein in the body. 

So, a healthy diet and exercises both are very important for weight loss. Here, we describe about some best exercise for weight loss.

Exercise for weight loss

1. Running

Best exercise for weight loss

For weight loss and stay fit, running is one of the best and very useful exercises. People who walk or run every morning for 20 to 30 minutes, are much healthier than non-running people.

One study found that runners are lighter and leaner than that person, who use the equipment for exercise or not do any exercise.

Countless men and women have lost weight through running exercise. Also, running helps to prevent many diseases and muscles pain. It is also helpfull for heart disease and breathing. 

Running outside treadmill is a great option because you will need to push yourself by using your muscles and that will increase chances of weight loss fast.

2. Swimming

Swimming is a complete exercise for the entire body. This is one of the best exercise for stretching full body muscles and gaining flexibility with fun. Also, all ages people can do swimming.

It is helpful for people to get the body in shape. Just 20 to 30 minutes of swimming can burn around 400 to 500 calories. Swimming is forcing you for using your more muscle in comparison to running or walking.

One study suggests that people who swim every day lose their weight 3 times faster than that person who is doing running or walking activity.

Also, swimming has helps for blood pressure control, cardiovascular system improvement, breathing control. Swimming is also good for pregnant women to lose extra weight during pregnancy.

3. Jumping ropes

This is a great workout for increasing stamina and weight loss. Normally, this exercise is using by women but in present time, it is using in tor weight loss purpose.

It is the best cardio workout, which is used by every sports man like, cricketer, footballer, swimmers etc.

Rope jumping can be done at home or in the garden or at the gym. Many people use this exercise before a gym workout as a warm-up and some people doing this workout before running or swimming.

Also, it is helpful to tighten the core, improving lung capacity, increasing stamina level and legs muscle strength. It will improve your metabolism and help to weight loss fast.

4. Plank

Best exercise for making six-pack abs

Plank is the very best exercise for losing belly fat on the abdominal. It is also a very popular workout for building six-pack abs.

There are many types of plank exercises available like, elbow plank, shoulder plank, plank with arm up, side plank, etc. But most effective and usage plank exercise is forearm plank.

Give just 5 minutes to plank on a daily basis for losing weight faster. It is also burning your calorie faster and give you a leaner body. Many bodybuilder or athletes use this exercise for weight loss or building six-pack abs. Also, it can help for building your elbow stronger.

5. Squat

The squat is lower body exercise. When you start this exercise, it affects your core and entire lower body. With doing this exercise per day for only 1 to 2 sets will give you a great lower body. Also, you can Use heavyweight for this exercise.

Many people use this exercise for reducing their back pain. In the gym, the squat exercise is use as a warm-ups or making strong legs or torso. At the same time, squats help for losing extra fat on your backside, core and thighs. With daily using of squatting, you can burn your calories and building your muscles.

6. Boxing

Boxing is help you with weight loss and building your muscles very strong. It is a great source for burning calories fast. Because when you practice boxing, water is released from your body as sweat.

Also, how much you can lose your weight is depending on that how active you are in boxing class. Also, boxing is helpful for heart rate. Only 40 to 50 minutes of boxing per week will help for weight loss with good muscle strength.

Kickboxing is also one of the best options for the lower part of the body. If you are looking for build leaner calf or thighs then kickboxing is the best option for you.

7. Pull-ups

If you want to balance your body than pull-ups is the best workout. Especially, this exercise is effective for upper body but it is also effective for another part of the body.

With this exercise shoulder and forearms can be build very strong. it promotes your body for lifting heavyweight during exercise. If your forearms are not strong, then you are not able to lifting heavy weight in the gym.

Pull-ups is help you for burn fat by spending more energy. This exercise is body-weight exercise and gets your body in shape by boosting your metabolism. This exercise also effective for building forearms and six-pack abs.

8. Push-ups

To lose weight, only 150 minutes of cardio exercise per week is the best option. Everyday Pushup Exercise helps you lose weight and strengthen your muscles.

Push-ups are a very good option for a leaner body. It can increase physical and mental health. Only 5 minutes of push up burn around 25 calories for a 150-pound person. You can burn more calories by increasing more push-ups.

In many cases, people are avoiding push-ups exercises because they think push-ups is a worthless exercise. But push-ups are very important for building muscle strength and weight loss. If you doing daily push-ups after running or another warm-up exercise, then you do not need to any gym workout.

9. Yoga

Yoga is best way to weight loss

Since a long time, yoga is a perfect way for mental and physical strength. All people know about yoga benefits for health. Many types of yoga are available and that all are very good for improving health.

Yoga is a perfect solution for weight loss. In the daily morning, give only 30 minutes for yoga and you will see the results in 10 to 15 days. It is just not a solution for weight loss but the perfect treatment for injuries.

In the world, we celebrate 21st June as a world yoga day and that is the big evidence for yoga benefit. If you want to prevent yourself from the disease then start doing yoga every day.

10. Zumba

Zumba is a great exercise for weight loss with fun. It is a dancing exercise, which burns fat in bulk. In the present time, Zumba class is available in the gym.

The person doing the zumba reduces the extra calories compared to the person who exercises in the gym. Zumba is a dancing workout and this exercise is not make you bore. 

When you start Zumba then you feel that you are at a party. It is giving you lots of fun. Daily using this workout, you can burn your entire body fat four time more than other gym exercises.


Exercises is a great way to activate your body. It has too many benefits. Active people get less sick than inactive people. 

The person who have any injuries or muscle pain, then the exercise helps him for faster recovery. There are too many benefits of exercises. Many exercises can be done at home, so no need to going to the gym or fitness classes.

Almost all exercises are good for weight loss. But some special exercises which help to weight loss fast. With daily exercise, men and women can make their bodies thinner and lighter. Also, use the healthy diet for boosting result.

Weight loss is not simple but with the hard workout, it is possible. Following the exercises of this article will give you the best result in a short time and you can get lighter body.

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