Shoulder exercises: you should know about this 5 exercises

The shoulder strength in the bodybuilding is very much needed. In fact, in the sports and Bodybuilding or daily routine of our life, we are giving lots of load to our body. Shoulder exercises is very important for other muscles.

When we are starting any kind of exercise in the gym, then the first load is getting on the shoulder. If your shoulder is strong, it will provide you with power for biceps and triceps exercise.

In this article, we describe some exercise that will really help you in building your shoulder muscle in short time.

Best Shoulder exercises:

1. Barbell overhead press

Best Shoulder exercise

Barbell overhead press is a very popular exercise for the shoulder. This exercise starts with heavy Bar. This exercise also helps you in building your lower-back strength.

How to start:

  1. Take a barbell and stand or sit with it.
  2. Now set a barbell on your front shoulder and your hands next to your shoulders.
  3. Where presses the bar over your head until your elbow is locked.
  4. Now repeat these steps until your sets are not over.

Important note:

  • you can start this exercise in sitting or standing both positions but if you start this workout in standing position you get extra benefits like squat and deadlift are pumped with the shoulder.

Sets – 3
Reps – 10-15
Rest – 2 minutes
Weight – as per your comfort

2. Dumbbell shoulder press

Best workout

The dumbbell shoulder press is different like a barbell press. This exercise is very good for beginners. This exercise may help you in building very big delts and it can help you for wider shoulders.

This exercise helps you for getting the balance on your shoulder and help you for building upper body muscle.

How to start:

  1. Stand up on the floor and hold dumbbells in your hands.
  2. Push dumbbells up to your shoulders height.
  3. Now push your arm Upwards and lock it when it’s completely straight.
  4. Now press back the dumbbells to the shoulders.
  5. Repeat these steps.

Set – 3-4 sets
Reps – 15-20
Rest – 2 minutes
Weight – as per your strength

3. Lateral raise shoulder

My favourite exercise

The dumbbell lateral raise strengthens the entire shoulder with an emphasis on the sides of the deltoid muscles. Dumbbells lateral raise works for your muscle and getting your shoulder wider.

Start lateral raise workout:

  1. Stand on the floor and hold dumbbells in your hands.
  2. Raise your arms up until it does not reach to the shoulder height.
  3. Hold for some seconds, then slowly land your arms.
  4. Repeat these steps.

Set – 4 
Reps – 15-18
Rest – 2 minutes
Weight – as per your strength

4. Wide grip upright row

This is very popular workout

This is the best workout to build your shoulder faster. Upright row workout mainly effects on primary muscle like trap, biceps and deltoids. This workout gives you a very big trap muscle in short time.

Wide grip upright row start:

  1. Stand withholding a barbell and bar should be rest on the front of your thighs.
  2. Pull the bar to your beard side and hold for some seconds.
  3. Now come back into your starting position.
  4. Repeat these steps.

Set – 4 
Reps – 15-20
Rest – 1 minute
Weight – a beginner can use low weight.

5. Dumbbell shrugs

My favourite exercises for building shoulder trap

Dumbbell shrugs are a very simple but very effective workout. This workout is very helpful for building bigger traps. This muscle is loved by Bodybuilders, fighters and film stars for showing off. You can do this exercise every day as a shoulder warm-up.

Start dumbbells shrugs:

  1. Hold dumbbells in your both hands. Arms extended on your sides.
  2. Now lift the dumbbells by elevating the shoulders. 
  3. You need to push your shoulder as high as possible. Stay at least 2 to 3 second in that position.
  4. Now come back in your starting position.
  5. Repeat these steps.

Set – 4
Reps – 15-20
Rest – 1 minute or less
Weight – as per your maximum strength


The shoulder exercises is very important to muscle in the human body. For every heavyweight exercise in the gym, like biceps, triceps, chest, the shoulder play an important role. The shoulder may give you a good looking body.

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