How to weight gain with 6 simple steps

In the world, some people are already overweight and some people have less weight. Weight gain is not easy but with proper workout and diet, it can easy.

Health is the biggest problem of the present time. Underweight is not good for health. In fact, the doctor also suggests that people should have a proper weight.

Many bodybuilder and athletes have heavyweight but their health is very good because their body build with healthy fat. Weight gaining means build your muscle in a proper way.

In the beginning, it can be difficult for some people to weight gain. After some day you feel that your bodyweight increases.

Body mass index (BMI) Is a calculator that shows you how much weight you should be for a healthy and fit life. Example, If you are 6 feet long then you need around 75 kg of weight that is good for health.

How to weight loss

Here we describe about how to gain weight in the proper way.

How to gain weight

1. Eat more calories food

If you want to weight gain then you need to eat high calories food means you need to add some extra calories in your daily meals.

Add 700 to 800 calories with your daily meal for weight gain quickly and add 400 to 500 calories with your daily meal for opposite result.

Fruits are very high sources of calories. Banana, avocado, grapefruit, mangoes are some fruits which contain a high level of calories.

‌2. Do some heavyweight exercise

Weight gain with heavyweight exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways for weight gain.  Heavyweight exercises can help to gain weight.

Heavyweight exercise is helpful for that person who have underweighted.

This is a proven way for weight gain very fast and safely. Exercise helpful for muscle strength.

3. Try to add protein in your dish

High protein dish

Protein is a very important factor for health. Protein is very useful for muscle gaining. It provides you with a healthy fat for building muscle

Protein is that nutrients which can help your body in any condition. This is helpful for that person who wants to weight loss or weight gain.

Protein is very important for that person who is go to the gym. Many bodybuilders, athletic and doctors have also preferred protein for good health.

4. Try to eat some sauces, spices and high-fat snacks.

Whenever we talk about snack anyone can’t control their passions. Now you can use this snacks for your weight gain plan.

Normally this type of snacks includes some junk food. If take these snack in daily than it is helpful for weight gain quickly.

you need to eat a high amount of energy-dense foods like Nuts, dried fruits, meat, grain, tubers, dark chocolate, peanut butter etc.

5. Need to drink milk and other high calories shake.

Milk is a very good source of weight gain. It is easily available in the market. Milk contains a high amount of fat and protein which is helpful for weight gain.

Milk is good source of protein for vegeterian people. If someone does not like milk, they can make it high protein shake.

Here is high protein and calories shake describe for milk haters.

Take 1 cup of milk. Now add 1 banana and 1 tbsp peanut butter, some almond and protein powder (if available) and mix it well.

6. Some tips that you need to follow

• Add cream in your coffee for more calories.
• Do not drink water before meal and drink hot water too.
• Try to use different types of high calories shakes for muscle gain.
• Sleeping properly is very important. So, sleep 6 to 7 hours.
• If you comfortable with supplements then take muscle gaining supplement like Creatine, MuscleBlaze gainer etc

Bodybuilding is a part of healthy weight. Bodybuilder and athletes bodies are fat free and you should have that type of body for good health. In present time, Bodybuilding is most popular in young generation. It is good way for stay fit.

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