7 amazing benefits of tofu – best Vegeterian protein source

Tofu is a soy product and, is made from soybean curd. It is the best Vegetarian source of protein, but people don’t know about the health benefits of tofu.

It is a very popular food, which mostly used in sweet dishes. Tofu is not just good in taste but it contains a high amount of iron and calcium. Also, tofu is gluten-free and has zero cholesterol level. It is also high in many micro-nutrients.

Vegetarian people, who are on the diet, can use tofu for Bodybuilding or weight loss, because of its high in protein component. many Vegetarian people use soya protein in their diet.

Using this article, you can collect information about the health benefits of tofu and how you can cook healthy tofu ( tofu recipes).

Benefits of tofu

Good health benefits of tofu and tasty is too good

1. Prevent many firms of cancers:

Cancer is a fatal disease. It can happen to any people. Tofu is high in isoflavones, which can help in preventing many forms of cancers like breast, prostate. This is a very big benefit of tofu.

Breast Cancer:

Tofu is a healthy food, which can reduce the risk of breast cancer. It is high in isoflavones, and that’s the main factor in tofu for prevents breast cancer.

Many studies show that, tofu can helpful for women to reduce breast cancer. Benefits of tofu is high for women, in comparison of men.

Tofu is very effective for women, if they eat tofu in earlier life. People also starting to eat tofu or soya in any age, it will give good health benefits.

Many people think that, tofu is not good for health or increase the risk of cancer. But if, intake tofu or soya product in enough amounts, then it give more benefits to the Health. Per day 1 to 2 serving of 100g to 150g is enough for good benefits.

Prostate cancer:

Tofu or soya product is always good for health because it is high in isoflavones. It’s main components to prevent prostate cancer. Also, prostate cancer is common in men.

If any men intake tofu or soya product daily, then it will beneficial for his health. Also, women can consume tofu for preventing prostate cancer. In many cases, a high amount of soy products are not good for men. Enough amount of tofu can give more benefits.

2. Prevent diabetes:

The other benefits of tofu that, it can prevents from diabetes. Tofu is a great source of protein and isoflavones, which can help to prevent diabetes, especially, type 2 diabetes.

One studies show that daily one serving of soy products like tofu, can reduce the blood sugar level and prevent from diabetes. It can also increases insulin.

A recent study found that isoflavones in soy products are helpful for regulating metabolism and biological functions.

3. Heart disease:

Tofu is the very best food for reducing heart diseases. High intake of soya is good for women to reduce the risk of heart disease and for increasing healthy cholesterol level. Healthy cholesterol is provide more health benefits.

Studies show that the isoflavones of tofu can reduce blood vessels inflammation. 

If any people intake soya products as per their weight, then they get good results and prevent heart disease for a long time. Tofu provides you 30% magnesium of your daily need. It can help you to live heart healthy life.

4. Increase muscles and bones strength:

Tofu is a high source of protein. It is same as paneer but the difference is only that, the panner is made from the milk and tofu made from the soy milk.

This tofu is used in the diet for Bodybuilding because it’s high in protein. Especially, bodybuilders use tofu. Also, tofu is pure vegetarian food, so Vegetarian bodybuilders use a high amount of tofu. It is good option to increase more variety in your diet. 

Calcium amount is good in tofu, and it helps for building muscles and bones. Like other milk products, soy is good for building strength.

The protein and calcium, which get from the tofu and another soy product are the same as plant protein.

5. Weight loss:

Tofu is low in cholesterol and saturated fat, and high in protein. It will help you with weight loss and prevent obesity. It is also low in calories. So, you can use tofu to cut the calories from your diet.

This food is high in monounsaturated fat, which is healthy and helps to increase healthy fat and decrease unhealthy fat from your body. Use 100g of tofu in your diet plan, and it will boost your weight loss chances.

6. Improving skin health:

Soya product tofu is good for improving your skin health. Tofu is high in isoflavones, which fight against ageing. Also, it is high in antioxidants, which helps you reduce the wrinkles of the face. All soya products are good for skin health.

7. Brain disease:

Tofu and other soy products contain a good amount of soy isoflavones, which may help in better performance of brain functions and nonverbal memory. Soy isoflavones can more effective for the age after 65 years because their brain function decreasing consistently.

Tofu contain high protein

Some side effect may face by some people:

Soya products are good for people health. It is a high source of protein. But, it is safe for short-term use. If any people continuously use for long-term, then it can cause some disease. Tofu can cause some stomach side effects. Also, if any people take very high doses of soy products like tofu, then it can cause abnormal tissue growth in the future.

Here are some major side effects, if any people take high doses of tofu or other soy products.

1. Breast Cancer:

Many people blame that, tofu can cause breast cancer. Also, some studies find that soy products can cause breast cancer and some studies find that soy products can prevent breast cancer.

It is unclear what is the fact. But behind the cause of breast cancer, big reason can be the high doses of soy products.

There is no more information about, that the effect of soy products can cause breast cancer or not. So, if you like tofu and want to eat it, then make sure to use a low amount. Around 200g to 300g is enough.

2. Kidney stones:

Tofu or soy products contain chemical, which called as oxalates. It can cause kidney stones. If any people have already kidney stones or have a history of kidney stones, then avoid taking a high amount of soy products. Because oxalates are the main chemical in kidney stones. 

3. Endometrial cancer:

Soya products are safe, but if you have already endometrial cancer, then less use of tofu. Because the soy isoflavones can change in the tissue lining of the uterus. It can cause endometrial cancer.

4. During pregnancy: 

Tofu is provide more benefits during pregnancy if take enough amount. It may be unsafe when starting the intake of high amount. It can affect the development of the baby. So, make sure to take enough amount of soya products. It is a good option.

5. Thyroid:

If you have active thyroid, then avoid taking of soya products. It can increase thyroid. If you have no thyroid, then don’t hesitate to take enough amount of tofu or soy products. Stay on the safe side.

6. Fertility issue:

Many people avoid tofu or soy products because they think that tofu is not good for fertility. Soy contains phytoestrogens and it may have a fertiliser effect. This disease appears most in the men.

But, it is true that, if you intake enough amounts of tofu or soy products, then it is safe. If you eat a high amount of soy products, then the chance of fertility problems. But it can affect in some cases.

Tofu is best protein source for vegeterian people

Nutritional value of tofu:

Tofu is a high source of many nutrients with some micro-nutrients. High nutrient proves the high benefits of tofu. Here we describe it’s nutritional value.

Per 100g of tofu:
  • 80g calories
  • 4.5g fat, which includes 1.5g monounsaturated fat, which is healthy fat and good for health.
  • 2.2g carbs, which include 0.6g dietary fibre, it is good for health.
  • 11g protein
  • 0 mg of cholesterol
  • 10 mg sodium
  • 120 mg potassium
  • 370 mg calcium
  • 72 mg magnesium
  • 3 mg iron
  • 198 mg phosphorus
  • 2g vitamin A

Tofu is a complete source of protein. It is also high in calcium and healthy fat contains some amount of vitamin C, D and B-6. 

it is a good food to add in your diet for making your diet rich in protein, healthy fat and calcium. Tofu is also the best option for vegetarian people, who not use salmon, tuna, egg and chicken breast.

How to make tofu at your home?

Tofu is very healthy food and made with soy curd. It is easy to make and healthy for diet. It’s making process same as a paneer.

If you want to make tofu at your home, then just follow this guideline. Let’s start to make tofu.

Homemade tofu:

  1. First, boil the soya milk on the temperature of 70 to 80 degree for 5 to 7 minutes. (Quantity of milk is 2 litre)
  2. Now, get it off your gas, and cool it down a little bit.
  3. After, take half a cup of water and half a cup of lemon juice, and mix it very well.
  4. Now, add a little lemon juice to the milk and mix. (Note: Do not add all the lemon juice in one time or together).
  5. After around 15 minutes, your curd will be ready. Now, take a big bowl and fit a clean cloth around it for sieve the milk.
  6. Pour the milk on cloth, and you get the pure tofu on the surface of the cloth and other ingredients, like, milk and water are gather in the bowl.
  7. Now, fold the cloth and put the heavy thing, like some heavy crockery on it. Leave it for 30 minutes.
  8. Open your cloth and get tofu out, and your tofu is ready.
  9. You can cut tofu in small cubes for cook it and for make some delicious dish.

This homemade tofu is contained the same nutrient value, as the market tofu. You don’t need to worry about its nutrition facts. It is healthy and very good in taste. You can use it in your diet.

How to cook tofu?

Tofu is very healthy and tasty food. It is easy to cook and packed with high and quality protein. Especially, a good source for vegan and vegetarian people. That is like fresh vegetables.

Tofu is easily available in the market, and it is made with soya milk. It comes with a soft and silken form and easily mixed with any foods or recipes. It makes your diet healthy. If you want to try this food into your diet then look this steps, that how you can cook tofu and add it into your healthy diet. Anyway, the tofu have good health benefits.

Start cooking:

  • Take a sheet-pan and put on it towel paper. Now, put of tofu on the towel paper, and put another towel paper on tofu.
  • Now, put some heavy crockery like, a cup or use heavy can on the sheer-pan.
  • Leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour. also, you can leave it for some hours. (This process is for making tofu dried because tofu is high in water)
  • After dry the tofu, cut it into small cubes.

Make crispy tofu:

  1. Firstly, dry water from tofu, and cut it into small cubes, and freeze the tofu for 4 to 6 hours.
  2. Now, take your pan and spread in some olive oil, and add your tofu cubes in the pan with olive oil.
  3. Now bake it for around 30 minutes, and set your temperature of the medium to high heat.
  4. You can add sauce to make it more tasty and delicious.
  5. When you see the golden colour of tofu, then get it off the gas.
  6. Your crispy tofu is ready, now serve it.


The tofu and other soy products are good for Health. This all soya products are the competitors of milk products. Normally, both soya and milk products are high in protein and calcium and other Incredible nutrient-dense. Both are the vegan and vegetarian source and help in weight loss.

Tofu and other soy products are a good source for vegetarian people to high protein because there is less source of high protein in comparison of non-veg foods. Also, tofu is good in taste and easily integrate with any food.

If you want to make your diet rich in protein and calcium, then use tofu into your dish. But make sure that, use enough amount of tofu because high doses of tofu and other soy products can cause some diseases.

But, that is sure that, tofu is amazing food for boosting your health and you can make different types of dishes with it. So, eating enough amount of soya protein and take all the benefits of tofu and other soy products.

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