Weight loss foods: You can use this foods in your diet

weight loss means a reduction of body mass. With some healthy diet and exercises, you can drop some extra pound fast.

High fat on the body is not good for health. It may cause many diseases. Some healthy diet is good for your health.

Here, you can find some healthy diet foods which may help you with weight loss. 

Weight loss foods

1. Eggs

Whole eggs are a very high source of protein. It is also a significant source of vitamins and minerals.

Eggs are one of the best food for weight loss and it is good for Bodybuilding.

Eggs are provide you with many nutrients. It is the good source of high diet foods. In fact, cooked eggs are very easy to digest than raw eggs.

A yolk provides you 2/3 amount of daily cholesterol need. It also contains low fat.

Nutrition facts (1 egg): 70g calories, 7g protein, 230mg cholesterol level, 6g fat which include 2.3g monounsaturated fat.

2. Salmon

Salmon contains very high nutrients. It is a good source of fat but this fat is heart-healthy.

Salmon is a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids. The research found that omega-3 fatty acid is helpful for reducing the risk of heart disease by decreasing inflammation.

It is also a very high source of protein and unsaturated fats. It is zero in carbs. This food is good for weight loss.

An American study found that eating fish is very good for heart health. Fat contains in salmon is to prevent blood clotting and good for metabolism.

Nutrition fact (per 100g): 200g calories, 25g protein, 60mg cholesterol, 12g fat.

3. Vegetables

Vegetables are very good for a healthy diet. It is low in carbs and fats but contains a high amount of vitamins and minerals.

Generally, vegetables contain a good amount of protein and fiber. It is helpful for boosting your immune system.

Vegetables are a good source of weight loss. It is normally using as dieting. The full dish of fresh vegetables is loaded with high nutrients for weight loss.

It is also very high in antioxidants, which prevents diseases, cancers and oxidant stress.

4. Beans and legumes

Many types of beans and legumes are good for weight loss.

Beans and legumes like chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, soybeans, peanuts and some others.

This beans and legumes can rich your diet with a significant amount of protein.

It is also a good source of high fiber and starch. Beans and legumes are also good sources of energy blaster.

5. Cottage cheese

Like other dairy products, cottage cheese is a very good source of high protein. It is low in carbs and fats. 

This is a great source for weight loss very fast. Also, Cottage cheese is high in calcium, which is good for bones health.  

Bodybuilders using a high amount of cottage cheese in their diet because it is high in protein, which is helpful for muscle recovery after a workout.

Cottage cheese is very tasty diet so, you can add it to your daily diet very easily.

Nutrition facts (per 100g): 95g calories, 12g protein, 20mg cholesterol, 4g fat, 5g carbs

6. Nuts

Nuts contain a high amount of protein, fiber, antioxidants and healthy fat.

Nuts are good for improving metabolic health and weight loss. It protects against heart disease and diabetes.

It is loaded with high nutrients. Also, high in fiber, which may help in better digestion.

Nutrition facts (per 100g mixed nuts): 620g calories, 23g protein, 0mg cholesterol, 8g fiber, and 51g fat, which include 30g monounsaturated fat.

7. Fruits

Fruits are a very good source of high nutrients. It is a smart way to stay healthy.

Fruits are low in calories and high in fiber, which is good for weight loss fast.

People who eat regular fruits are to be healthier than people who don’t eat fruits. Fruits are also prevente many diseases like cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Fruits contain some sugar, which may help you to slowly raise your blood sugar.

Also, fruits are a very good source for that person who wants to avoid carbs in their diet or want to eat some tasty diet.

8. Yogurt

Yogurt is another high nutrient dairy product.

It is a very good source of high protein and calcium. It is helpful for weight loss and bones health.

One study found that yogurt is helpful for improving the digestive system. Also, high-fat yogurt can reduce the risk of obesity. 

Yogurt contains healthy fat, which is good for heart health and it increases good cholesterol.

Nutrition facts (per 100g): 60g calories, 12g protein, 5mg cholesterol, 0.5g fat, 3.4g carbs


Losing weight is not easy. For that, you need to do gym workout and following healthy diet. You can use some foods which can help you for weight loss.

Foods like eggs, salmon, vegetables, fruits, nuts. You can add these this all healthy food in your diet, which may help you for living healthy life.

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