Type 2 diabetes: symptoms, cause, and prevention

Type 2 diabetes is a form of diabetes. It is the main reason behind increasing blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. In that condition, the person needs to treatment as soon as possible.

Normally, this disease appears in any age people, but mostly 45 years or above age people are targeted.

The hormone insulin is responsible for controlling the level of sugar in the blood. In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas doesn’t produce insulin and in type 2, pancreas increase insulin but not much as per need.

It is a lifelong condition in many cases. It is important to catch the symptoms earlier because once symptoms have developed, then the body will unable to regulate the amount of glucose in the blood.

Uncontrolled type 2 diabetes is not good for any person, it causes several symptoms and probabilities for some serious problem.

In this article, we determined about diabetes type 2 symptoms, cause and prevention, which may helpful for you.

Type 2 diabetes information

Diabetes type 2 symptoms

Symptoms of diabetes type 2

In type 2 diabetes symptoms, the body is not unable to use insulin for providing glucose to your cell. It’s caused that your tissue and muscle do not get efficient energy. 

Here are some common symptoms are described. 

1. Thirst

Thirst is a common symptom. In this condition, your tissue became dehydrated, so you need to drinking water for hiding your thirst.

Another side, to remove sugar from the blood, urination is compulsory and it’s cause for dehydration. So, your body will demand more water.

2. Fatigue

Glucose is a major component of energy. When the energy level will decreasing than you feel tired. In diabetes type 2 condition, your body cells unable to absorb sugar and it causes fatigue.

3. Hungry

In diabetes type 2, the person feels more hunger than usual. In this condition, cells can’t absorb efficient glucose and it’s causing that muscle, tissue and organs will not provide proper energy.

4. Weight loss

In this condition, insulin is too little. So, the body starts burning fat and muscle because they need energy. This critical condition convert to weight loss.

5. Blurred vision

Glucose level is high in this critical situation, which not provide fluid to the eye lens or may cause swelling of the lens in the eye. It may cause of blurry vision.

This blurry vision occurs in one or both eyes and in some cases, if a person goes without treatment, there are several chances for permanent vision loss.

6. Tingling of hands and feet

The sugar level in blood is very high in diabetes type 2 affected people. It causes blood circulation and damage cells and muscles of the body. It can lead to pain or tingling of hands and feet.

This condition may increase with time and if any person does not treat their diabetes, it will become more complicated with time.

7. Recurring infections and sores

Generally, in type 2 diabetes, blood circulation in the body is very low and therefore muscle, tissue and organs not receive a good amount of energy. In that position, muscles are Dries out.

It may cause injuries like cuts, sores and infections. Many time, it takes a long time for recovery because of poor blood circulation.

8. Skin dry

When any person passing with type 2 diabetes, their body is dehydrated and they need for drinking water. Here, the dehydration is a major factor for dried skin.

9. Loss of consciousness

It is a very rare case but in diabetes situation, body blood sugar drop continuously. That cause loss of consciousness. It can happen when a person skips a meal or after exercise.

Know about diabetes type 2 symptoms

Causes of type 2 diabetes

Insulin is a very important hormone for the body. When we are eating meal then it is produced and release. If our body is unable to produce insulin that will be the cause of diabetes type 2.

If the body is not producing enough insulin than it will cause of dried body cells. Also, genetic predisposition may increase the risk of insulin resistance.

It is also caused by some factors like diet and Obesity etc. In women, obesity level is high than men. Also, in many cases, there is a lack of sleep is linked.

Here are some other factors which can increase the risk of diabetes type 2.

1. Weight

Such in many cases, overweight is not good for health. It may be the reason behind diabetes type 2. If you’re overweighted than, you need to weight loss.

2. Age

The risk of this disease shown in all age people but especially, older than 45-year people. This age of people is hunted by diabetes type 2 because they do less exercise or maybe overweight and Lack of immunity etc.

3. Gestational diabetes

If any women are pregnant, at that time the chances of this disease are high in that women. Also, when she gave birth a baby and his weight is high than 5 kg then he is under risk.

4. Inactive person

If any people are not doing any type of physical activity or totally inactive person or work less than it’s energy than that person is under risk. That person’s insulin does not work properly.

5. Prediabetes

Any person has pre-diabetes and not do their treatment on time, that person’s blood sugar is already high as well as their insulin is already in low working position.


In the beginning stages, if you get proper treatment than it is easy to prevent. Otherwise, it will be increasing with time and reflect many major organs like heart, blood vessels, eyes and kidneys, skin etc.

Here we describe some complications about diabetes type 2. If you are not looking for treatment in beginning then it may cause for you.

1. Eye damage

Diabetes increases the risk of eye diseases. High blood sugar can damage the blood vessels in the eyes. It will convert in blurry vision or maybe vision loss.

2. Kidney damage

High blood sugar is very harmful to the kidney. It can be bad your blood and your kidney not receive the good blood. At the end of the stage, need to transfer a kidney or need dialysis.

3. Heart disease

Diabetes can do high blood pressure, stroke, heart diseases etc. Sugar is not good for the heart. It can be damage our energy level or may cause of high cholesterol.

4. Skin damage

High blood sugar may dry your cells, which cause of skin damage or our body may be dry soon. In many cases, the skin starts to darken.

Prevention of type 2 diabetes

A healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways of preventing type 2 diabetes. If you have diabetes then you can stop it and prevent it with changing your lifestyle on Healthy way.

1. Healthy diet

Diet is always very important for any kind of diabetes. But in different types of disease, diet is different. Diet is a good way for heart and blood sugar level control.

Low calories and fats are good for health in diabetes type 2 situation. You need to focus on fruits and vegetables.

Add some foods:

Healthy food is a very good source to prevent diseases and here some food that you need to add.

  • Whole fruits
  • Non-starchy vegetables
  • Beans and legumes
  • Oats and sweet potatoes
  • Salmon, tuna and flax seeds

Also, there is some good fat available in foods, which called monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat.

Olive oil, nuts, chia seeds, egg, cheese and fruits like Avocado contains a high amount of healthy fat.

Need to avoid diet:

There are some foods that are not good for the patient of diabetes.

  • Avoid high-fat foods
  • Don’t eat high salted foods
  • Meat is not good for health
  • Processed meats and shellfish is not good
  • Avoid junk foods and processed snacks
  • Do not use dairy products, which is high in fat

2. Active always

Physical activities is a great treatment against the disease. In any kind of health related situation, exercises are very well sources.

The inactive person will high in risk than an active person. Any people need to daily 1 to 2 hours of physical exercise for fitness.

In present time, many gyms are available for physical activity, as well as, this activity can be possible in any place like a garden or home.

3. Losing weight

Many doctors suggest that overweight is not good for health. It is the house of many diseases. Approximately In present time around 60% of people are overweighted.

Losing weight or weight control is the one of the best way to prevent diabetes type 2. Healthy eating and exercises are very important for weight loss

If any people change their lifestyle and avoid high calories diet and fat, they will achieve their weight loss aim.


Diabetes type 2 is very to handle in the beginning but if any person avoids it, then it becomes dangerous for him.

If people are taking care of own or their family members, and eating some healthy diet, and doing some exercises then, it will prevent type 2 diseases.

If you follow these simple steps, then you definitely get good results and will be living a healthy life.

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