Childhood cancer: its types, symptoms, causes and treatment

Cancer is a very dangerous diagnosis and it is upsetting at any age. Especially, Childhood cancer is very upsetting situation for children and its family.

Normally, cancer is most common in older adults. But it is uncommon in children or in childhood. About 1 in 300 children, who are under age of 18, have cancer.

Childhood cancer is more dangerous than adult cancer. Some well or specially trained doctor’s have knowledge about childhood cancer.

In this article, explained about, what is childhood cancer, its types, symptoms, causes and prevention.

Childhood cancer is upsetting situation for children and it's family

What is childhood cancer?

This cancer is cancer in a child. It occurs in the body anywhere. Normally, it’s affected into the 18 years or less age children.

It is very dangerous for children, which causes the death of children. It is a very rare case. Also, less doctor’s available, who can treat this diagnosis.

Some studies indicate that around 17500p childhood cancer cases are noted in the world per year. When healthy cells grow out of control than the cancer effect start.

How many types of childhood cancer?

Childhood cancer is very uncommon and it is also known as pediatric cancer. Here describe the most common types of cancer in children below 18 years.


Leukaemia is the most common type of cancer in children. It is a cancer of blood-forming tissues. They account for about 35% of all cancers in children. Leukaemia can grow quickly, so need to treatment as soon as possible.

Also, many types of leukemia cancer exist like acute myeloid leukaemia, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. These leukaemias can cause bone and joint pain, weakness, fatigue, weight loss, bruising or bleeding, pale skin and many more effects. 


Neuroblastoma cancer is found in the small gland on top of the kidney. It is most commonly affected in the children, aged 5 years or more. Also, it covers many parts of the body like chest, stomach, bones, neck, pelvis.

It can starts anywhere in the body but usually starts in the abdominal (stomach). It is start with bone pain or fever.

Wilms tumours:

It is a very rare cancer type and affects the kidney. It is also known as nephroblastoma. Wilms tumours mostly affect children age under 5 year.

This cancer accounts for about 5% in childhood cancer. It starts in the belly (abdomen), where it is noticed as a swelling or lump.  It’s another symptom like pain, nausea, etc.


RMS is the short name of this cancer. RMS is a very aggressive and highly fatal form of cancer. It develops from skeletal muscle cells. It’s the majority of cases occur, who are under 18 year age.

This type of cancer can start in any part of the body like head, neck, belly (abdomen), pelvis, arms, legs, etc. This is a common type of soft sarcoma tissue in children. Also, 3% of children are under this cancer.


It is eye cancer, that occurs in the back of the eye, who called as the retina. It is most common in children. Also, it may occur in one or both eyes.

It occurs in children around or older the age of 3. It cases around 4% of childhood cancer. If any children are targeted at retinoblastoma cancer, then his or her eyes colour looks like white or pink when you shine a light in eyes.


Osteosarcoma is a bone cancer types. It affects all bone in the body. It is also highly affects long bones like arms of legs bones. Its occurs in children and young adults.

It causes bone pain that gets worse with activity. It can also cause swelling in the area around the bone.

Germ cell tumours:

It is most often develop in the testicle because there are most germ cells. These tumours begin any places in the body.

Germ cell tumours are growth that forms from reproductive cells. These cancer symptoms are belly (abdomen) pain and swelling, and trouble in the bathroom. It can be spread in another part of the body, if will not get treated in time.


This is the most common form of liver cancer. Particularly, people with chronic hepatitis B and C are occurring hepatocellular cancer. Also, it occurs in people with liver disease.

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma:

This cancer starts in lymphoma when body start produces too many abnormal lymphocytic, a type of white blood cells.

It is about 7% of childhood cancer. Also, this type of cancer is different in children and adults. These cancers grow quickly and require treatment as soon as possible.

Brain and spinal cord tumours:

Childhood brain and spinal cord tumours is a disease. In this situation, abnormal cells form in the tissues of the brain and spinal cord. This is a very dangerous situation for children and needs treatment as soon as possible.


This is mostly a rare childhood cancer occurring in the chest, specifically in the lungs.

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What are the causes of childhood cancer?

Cancer is a very dangerous situation and occurs in any age of people. It may cause death.

It begins with genetic changes in any single cells of the body and increasing out of control. In this situation, the person left untreated than cancer expand.  

In many cases of cancer in children, it will be difficult to find the reason for cancer. Also, it’s treatment is not easy. 

Here are some causes of childhood cancer.

Exposure to radiation:

Radiation is very dangerous for all people, especially, for children. If any child is exposed to radiation than, he or she is at a risk of cancer.

If any child treated with radiotherapy, then he or she is under the risk of cancer.

Radiation is very harmful to life that example is japan atomic bombing. In that time to present, many newborn babies are coming with physical or mental disease


Infections are not good for children. It is a common infection and does not show any specific symptoms.

EBV or Epstein Barr virus are two infections that occur to the children. EBV is a factor for growing the special type of cancer, especially, lymphoma. But it is happening in a very rare case.

Genetic causes: 

At the time of birth, any child is detected with a certain inherited condition, then the increasing risk of a specific form of cancer in them.

The complication in the womb:

When the baby is in the mother’s womb then some form of childhood cancers begin. Like retinoblastoma, which is eye or retina cancer.

During pregnancy, cells in the baby’s body that remain underdeveloped, it is occurring cancer cells.

Signs and symptoms

Here are some symptoms of childhood cancer that can be shown in the child.

  • Pain in arms, legs, bones and back
  • Blurry vision or changes in eye shape
  • Abdominal pain and swelling
  • Vomiting and dizziness
  • Inexplicable weight loss
  • Blood in urine
  • Regular infections or flu
  • Unexplained lumps in a body
  • Feeling of fatigue
  • Behaviour changes

Childhood cancer vs Adult cancer

Cancer types that develop in 15 years or fewer age children are different from the adults. There are increasing the number of children, who have cancer. It is quite a bit than adults.

Children and adults with cancer should be treated at a pediatric oncology centre. Also, children do not suffer from any major health issue, so they respond to cancer treatment positively than adults. 

Chemotherapy is better than radiation therapy for children because their bodies handle it positively. On another hand, radiation therapy is good for adults, but it is dangerous for another part of the body. So, if not high need to get treatment with radiation therapy, then avoid it.


Treatment of childhood cancer is not easy and not all doctor’s treat that. Some well-trained doctor’s doing it well. Here are some simple treatment available for children Cancer.


It conducted by a surgical oncologist. This surgery involves the removal of the infected area through a surgical procedure. After that surgery process, doctor’s suggest radiation to eliminate cancer completely.


In this treatment use of drugs to kill the cancer cells and seek to terminate the cancer cells from growing further. This drug is given through a pill or capsule.


This treatment is carried out by radiation oncologist. It uses potent x-rays and photons to destroy cancer cells. Radiation is harmful to other part or cells of the body. In many cases, it may cause cancer. So, doctor’s are avoid to use radiation, if not need very much.


Childhood cancer is a very unlike and worrying situation for children and his or her family. It is an uncommon situation and occurs in some children.

It causes by many different reasons but with some special treatment and with support of family, children will fight and get well soon to the  childhood cancer.

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