Brussels sprouts May Improving Your Health

Brussels sprouts are a member of the Brassicaceae group of vegetables and Brussels sprouts are named after Brussels, Belgium. It is like a small cabbage.

Brussels sprouts has found a bad reputation because of his taste But its flavour can be increased by roasting.

These small cabbage-like vegetable are full of nutrition. Here, we described some benefits of Brussel sprout for your health.

Brussels sprouts for good health

Brussels Sprouts Benefits:

1. Rich in nutrients

Brussel sprout is a very high source of vitamin K. It is also rich in fiber and other vitamins.

Nutrients per 100g

Calories – 36g
Protein  – 3g
Carbs – 7.5g
Fiber – 3.1g

Brussels sprouts are a good source of Vitamin C, which helps in improving the immunity system.

They are also good sources of vitamin K, which helps in blood clotting, bone metabolism, and regulating blood calcium levels.

They also have fewer carbs, which help in reducing weight.

Additionally, Brussel sprout have nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin B.

2. Prevents cancer

This is a serious anti-cancer vegetable. Brussels sprouts contain high amounts of antioxidants that reduce the risk of colorectal cancer

Research shows that there are four types of the anti-cancer component in Brussel sprout. 

Other studies have found that antioxidants in these vegetables reduce oxidative stress, which protects against cancer.

3. High in fiber

Brussels sprouts are a good source of this fiber. Fiber is very good for health.

Dietary fiber helps in weight gain and helps maintain intestinal health. It also protects against cancer.

Studies suggest that increasing fiber intake in your diet, especially cereal fibers, which reduces cardiovascular disease.

4. High in vitamin K

Brussel sprout is a very high source of vitamin K. 100g of Brussels Sprouts Fulfills the Daily Needs of Your Vitamin K.

The body needs vitamin K to produce a protein and clotting factor that is important in blood clotting and bone metabolism.

Normally, calcium is reduced from the human body after 35 years of age and the bones are becoming weak every day.

So, men should consume 130 mcg (microgram) vitamin k daily and women should have 100. It is also helpful for increase blood level

5. Good level of antioxidants

Antioxidants are good for heart health and also reduce the risk of cancer and infection.

Antioxidants can protect against the cell damage that free radicals cause, known as oxidative stress and help lower your risk of chronic disease.

Brussel sprout is a good source of antioxidants which may help reduce vision loss.

You can add Brussels sprouts with your daily diet for high antioxidants and improve the quality of health.

6. Control on blood sugar

Vegetables are good sources for controlling blood sugar. Brussels sprouts are not only nutrient-dense, but they are helpful for maintaining healthy blood sugar.

Brussel sprout are low in carbs and high in fiber which helps for maintaining blood sugar level.

Fibre moves slowly the absorption of sugar into the blood. Brussel sprout contain an antioxidant called alpha-lipoic acid that has been showing to lower glucose level.

With your daily diet, add some Brussels sprouts for a high nutrition diet.

7. Vitamin C

Brussel sprouts contain a good amount of vitamin C. It is also important for a better immune system.

A single cup of brussel sprout contains more than 128% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C.

A recent study showed vitamin C was beneficial to individuals whose immune system was weakened due to stress.

And other studies suggest that vitamin may also improve macular degeneration, reduce inflammation and cardiovascular diseases. Also, reduce risk of cancer.

Vitamin is very good for skin health. Generally, many fruit and vegetables have vitamin c but Brussel sprout is a high source of vitamin C.


Fiber, vitamins and antioxidants are high in Brussels sprouts, which increase your diet nutrients. So Brussels sprouts to your daily diet for a positive impact on your health.

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