The 6 Best Abs Workout for building Six-pack

Many people have the desire to make six pack abs but it is not very easy. Six-pack abs workout is very popular in the young generation.

To make six-pack abs, it requires a lot more hard workout and high nutrients diet. Develop an abs workout with a variety of exercises, such as crunches and planks.

Here we mentioned 6 exercises for achieving six-pack abs safely.

Six-pack abs workout

1. Do crunches

Do crunches workout for six-pack abs

Crunches are a very important abdominal exercise for making six pack abs quickly. Crunches are helpful in building six-pack abs and tightening the belly.

Sets – 3-4 set
Reps – 15
Rest – 30 second

If your goal is to burning fat in the abnormal area and tightens the belly, then the number of reps should be greater than 25.

Important tips:
1. You do not have to exercise quickly.
2. Do not tense the neck and pressing the chin to the chest. 
3. Give your muscle some rest after every set for faster result.

2. Do Cardio every day

Cardio is best workout for six-pack abs.

Cardio also is known as aerobic exercise, is a physical exercise, which increases energy level during any exercise.

Cardio can help you to body weight decrease by burning fat, which boosts your way to make six pack abs.

In cardio includes all weight free exercise. Some Of that, we mentioned here.

• Walking
• Cycling
• Running
• Swimming
• Kickboxing

Try to do at least 30 minutes of cardio every day or 250 minutes or more per month. This can give you good result for getting six pack abs quickly.

3. Ab wheel exercise

Ab wheel is another very good exercise for building six pack abs. Especially, when we talking about our core.

Ab wheel is specifically designed for building abs. Do a few sets of this and you will see the results when your abs screaming for mercy.

In fact, studies found that the ab roller is more popular than other ab exercises like crunch.

Another study by California state university discovered that a wheel is significantly increased muscle activity in comparison of other compared exercises.

Sets – 3 set
Reps – as per your strength
Rest – 2 minutes

4. Jackknife sit-up

Jackknife sit-up is a good exercise for abdominal muscles. Also, it is good for lower abs to get it to tighten.

For starting this workout, lie flat on an exercise mat, extending your arm straight back behind your head and make sure that your spine is in a neutral position.

Now, try to bring them 35-45 degree angle to the floor. At the same time, bring your arms up and over your head so that they’re parallel to your leg.

Now, return to the start position by lowering your arms and legs back to the floor and repeat it.

Sets – 4-5 set
Reps – 15-20 in beginning
Rest – 30 second

5. Pull-ups

Many people think that pull-up is an upper body exercise. Yes, it is right, but when you pull yourself up to the bar, your abs need to work hard to keep your body still.

When you grip the bar during the pull-up, keep both hands on distance.

Pull-up is a very good exercise when you do not have time or getting late. Also, it is best to exercise to train your full upper body and six pack abs.

Sets – 3set
Reps – as per your strength
Rest – 2 minutes

6. Plank exercise

The plank is also called an abdominal bridge or front hold. The plank is making strong the abdominal, back and shoulders.

Also, this exercise will give you a flat abdominal and you will get the result in a week or two weeks.

This workout is very easy and you can try it at your home and try to practice each and every day.

Sets – 3 to 4 times
Time – up to 1 minute
Rest – 30 second


Six-pack abs are a very good workout for losing belly fat on your abdominal. Try to add this exercise in your workout routine.

Every week of your workout plan, choose 1 or 2 days for building six-pack abs. Also, daily pumping your abdominal with any abs workout. And that will surely help you in achieving the goal of six-pack abs.

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